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GEA Searle is a market leader in the field of air-side heat exchange and air conditioning industries. The product range from evaporators suitable for small reach-in refrigerated cabinets through to evaporators applied in large cold stores.

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    • Profile
    • Searle's remarkable growth record over the years could only have been achieved by committed management , first-class workforce and unrivalled product range.

      Where we operate:

      Distributors and agents are situated in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.
      In countries where Searle / Raffel have no agent or distributor, direct sales are made from the 2 manufacturing locations in the UK and France. Dawmec products are only available to UK customers.

      The key market segments supported by Searle, Raffel and Dawmec are

      • Food retail
      • Food processing
      • Food storage
      • Distribution
      • Air conditioning
      • Industrial process cooling
    • Key activities
    • Supermarket Refrigeration

      A wide product range for all sizes and types of supermarket, and convenience stores throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Searle offers a wide ranges of solutions for supermarket refrigeration, both standard and special

      Agricultural Refrigeration

      Searle, Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality cooling products, offer a wide range of solutions for industrial refrigeration, both standard and special. In addition, Searle also offer unmatched technical support and excellent manufacturing capabilities and capacity.

      Air Conditioning

      Searle has, for many years, been supplying dry air coolers and air-cooled condensers for use in building heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Searle has adapted its wide range of products and services to meet the ever changing demands of this market place,

      Commercial Refrigeration

      Searle offers a wide range of high quality solutions for use in commercial refrigeration applications both standard and special.

    • Mission & stategy
    • GEA Searle are committed to supplying our customers with the RIGHT PRODUCT at the RIGHT QUALITY at the RIGHT PRICE.


      • We design, engineer, manufacture refrigeration components, systems and solutions for our customers for whom Industrial Refrigeration is an essential part of their primary process
      • We are dedicated to serve our customers in every region in the world and are able to meet their expanding needs to deliver high quality products in a competitive environment
      • We are committed to serve our customers with continuous state-of-the-art solutions and components having the lowest total cost of ownership. Due to our commitment to a safe and healthy environment we focus on energy saving technologies and solutions using natural refrigerants
      • GEA Heat Exchangers will primarily serve the industrial refrigeration segment but will also pursue opportunities in the semi-industrial refrigeration segment
      • We seek to be an employee champion providing both current and future staff with an international business environment with an open culture, a renowned position in the employment market, competitive packages and a sound strategy for talent development


      • Population growth and higher standards of living standards will result in growing demand for refrigeration.
      • Changes in global food production, distribution and food safety regulation will require investments in industrial and semi-industrial refrigeration, food freezing and industrial ice production.
      • Power consumption will be reduce despite increased demand to cool and heat power, process and industrial applications using Refrigeration technology and components in Heat Pump systems.
      • The Industrial Refrigeration market has different regional levels of economic development and a wide variety of technical applications. Our customers have a strong regional focus with some multinationals acting globally with local centres. This emphasizes the need for a global refrigeration player with regional presence in its markets to reduce manufacturing logistic costs and with the capability to deliver complete refrigeration solutions and systems.
      • The highest added value is realized when delivering sophisticated refrigeration systems and solutions to end-users where refrigeration is a key part of their industrial process. Providing components for these end-user solutions can best be achieved in a vertically integrated business model securing high levels of synergy between manufacturing and end-user solution delivery.
    • History
    • The Searle Story

      The Searle story started in 1921when Searle Radiators was founded in London by the late Mr. Charles Searle, who together with his twelve employees, manufactured radiators and oil coolers for the motor industry. The Second World War brought about a major change and an increased in the variety of products manufactured, the majority of which were used by the Royal Air Force.


      Charles Searle had a motor accident in which he damaged his car’s radiator. Frustrated at being unable to get it repaired or replaced easily, he founded “The Searle Radiator Company Limited” in London’s Camden Town and employed 12 people.


      Increasing demand for aircraft prior to the second world war led Charles Searle to diversify and “Searle Aircraft Sheet Metalwork Limited (London) was formed. The business flourished and was extended in London into 3 other premises and in 1938 a factory was opened in Quay Street,  Fareham, to deal with aircraft radiator repairs.  “Searle Aircraft Radiator Repairs Limited (Fareham)” was formed in this year. It was either a fortuitous or far sighted decision because between 1939 and 1945  the Fareham works was very busy. 


      The outbreak of war brought major changes and there was a huge increase in the variety of products manufactured, the majority of which were used by the RAF.  At this time the Company also had a plant in Emsworth.


      by 1940 “Searle Radiators and Refrigeration Limited” was born.


      Charles Searle’s Son, Leslie Searle, took over the reins in 1950. With a good reputation and almost 30 years experience, Searle diversified into the refrigeration industry by making parts for domestic refrigerators.


      With Searle’s continuing success they won the exclusive rights to manufacture and market Bush Refrigeration equipment throughout Europe and Africa, from Dunham-Bush Inc of West Hartford, USA.


      1959 the Company changed its name to “Searle Manufacturing Company Limited” and had outgrown the London factory. The London premises closed and the company consolidated its activities on the 21 acre site south of Fareham where it still remains. During the 60’s another Bush product range was added. These were the air handling units for air conditioning which extended Searle’s activities into quite different fields.


      Having established the Company’s reputation in the refrigeration industry, the family company was sold to the Hall-Thermotank Group on the 28 December 1962.


      Searle had now taken the lead in the production of heat exchanger equipment for ‘air side’ products used in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industries. Having become a proven success story, Searle became the target for corporate takeovers.


      On the 12 May 1976, the Company was acquired by Prestcold Limited (a British Leyland Company).


      Acquisition of the Parent Company, Prestcold, by Suter plc on 1 April 1981 under the ownership of David Abell.


      In August of this year Suter plc was acquired by Ascot plc under the ownership of Howard Dyer


      The Ascot Group was acquired by Dow Chemicals on 1st June. A year later the Searle company was re-acquired by Howard Dyer. The name changed to ICG (UK) Limited on the 25 July 2002 but the ‘Searle’ trading name remained.


      Searle was acquired by the GEA Group in December 2008. The name changed to GEA Searle Ltd with effect fromn 21 December

    • Innovation
    • Innovation & Quality

      Searle strives to have the most comprehensive Research and Development facilities in the British refrigeration industry.

      In addition to developing new products lines, the company can undertake special projects on behalf of customers. A high level of expertise and sophisticated test equipment ensure that the most demanding specifications are met. Searle supplies its products for a wide range of industries. Our products are found in:

      • all major supermarkets and chain stores
      • many pub cellars 
      • large food manufacturing 
      • processing companies.
      • Government establishments
      • hospitals

      Close links are maintained with Standard authorities in the UK  and abroad and  Searle  is represented on the boards or committees of all major consultative bodies with relevance to the refrigeration industry. Searle ‘s commitment to technological innovation is exemplified by the degree of automation throughout the business. A network of computer added design (CAD) coordinates the activities of the engineering, production, customer service and accounting functions in such a way that customers effectively control the activity of the factory

    • Sustainability
    • Greener Refrigeration Solutions

      Efficient and environment friendly technology enables ground breaking 100kW condensing units from Searle Manufacturing Company to deliver a potentially greener cooling solution supermarket food halls.

      The new cascade units – which use either HFC or HC with carbon dioxide as refrigerants – are among the most powerful for any commercial supermarket application in the UK. They are being rolled out to sites as to establish the group’s future policy on refrigeration and choice of refrigerants.  The Searle CCU-100-ECI-CO2HC Cascade units, typically roof-mounted, chill and circulate CO2 to maintain cool temperatures and protect food products in the retail display cabinets on the shop floor. 

      Cascade systems were developed to keep capital and operating costs within the range of comparable ‘standard’ systems – but with a reduced environmental risk because CO2 occurs naturally.
      With a similar power requirement to a Searle standard CCU R404A system of equal capacity, a CO2 Cascade unit would have minimal impact on the environment should a release of refrigerant occur – equal to just 0.38 tons of CO2.

      Energy Efficiency

      Searle turns the spotlight on improved energy efficiency, quieter operation and greater durability in its range of coolers and condensing units for refrigeration along the food chain. Searle shows how the latest technology gives its systems for agricultural, industrial and retail refrigeration the edge in economical on-the-job performance – and end-of-life recyclability.  

      The new generation of Searle equipment features EC fansets which produce energy savings of up to 50%, new fan designs to improve airflow and reduce noise, and advanced coatings that ensure a full life expectancy – even in the harshest climates. At the same time, Searle is moving towards greener refrigerants and unit designs that make it easier to separate the various metal and other components for recycling when the units are eventually replaced. 

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