GEA NEMA Wärmetauscher GmbH

GEA NEMA Wärmetauscher GmbH

Company Profile


The GEA NEMA Wärmetauscher GmbH is a part of GEA Group AG. The scope of supply and services constists of sales, design, fabrication, construction and service for air fin heat exchangers. GEA NEMA Wärmetauscher GmbH is located in the city of Netzschkau.

GEA NEMA Wärmetauscher GmbH is known for its customer-oriented high-quality and efficient design solutions, its achiviements in this respect being bases on long years of experience in engineering, design and fabrication of air cooled heat exchangers.

Our product lines are:

  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Plate Fin Heat Exchanger
  • Air/Gas Preheater
  • Generator/Motor Cooler
  • Transformer Oil Cooler

For follow customer industries:

  • Power industry and environmental technology
  • Mechanical engineering for wood, pulp and paper, textile processes
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Processing industries
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