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ND Safetytherm

Plate duo plays it safe

With Safetytherm Plate Heat Exchangers you are always on the safe side. Our developers have created a perfect design that absolutely excludes the possibility of non-compatible products mixing with each other. Our Free Flow plate heat exchangers are particularly suited for products containing solids and pulp as well as for highly viscous products.

  • ND Safetytherm

The compact design and the functions of the Safetytherm units are in line with the high standard you can expect from an industry leader such as PHE Systems. Our customers can be absolutely confident: The ND Safetytherm Series stands out as an effective and low-maintenance double-wall solution that guarantees high production reliability, just as a double safety net.

Further Details on the ND Safetytherm

OptiWave Design

The optimised corrugation results in the highest heat transfer rates across the complete plate width.

PosLoc Assembly

The PosLoc assembly system gives you a sturdy and perfectly aligned plate pack. The gaskets match one another precisely and remain functional longer.

EcoLoc Gasket System

The innovative adhesive-free EcoLoc gaskets can be replaced quickly and easily.