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GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc., PHE Systems offers a full line of highly engineered Plate Heat Exchangers for a variety of applications. Our line is comprised of Brazed (including the FlatPlate® brand), Gasketed ("Plate-and-Frame"), and Fully Welded.

Our state-of-the-art facility in York, Pennsylvania provides design, engineering, manufacturing, and world class customer service in one location.  Additionally, our global After Sales & Service Department can assist you in selecting spare parts or reconditioning Plate Heat Exchangers for our products and most OEM brands.

When you choose us, you partner with a global organization that will support you throughout the entire process of design, installation, and maintenance of your Heat Exchanger. We are an excellent long-term partner for all of your business strategies. 

    • History
    • We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plate heat exchangers, and have more than 75 years of experience in developing and supporting them. Our specialty is helping our customers to find solutions for their heat exchanger challenges, and supplying the best in technology to accomplish those answers.

      1851. Eduoard Ahlborn founded the Ahlborn Company to produce agricultural machinery.

      1930. Ahlborn Company designed and manufactured its first plate heat exchanger.

      1979. Ahlborn became a part of Global Engineering Alliance (GEA), a publicly traded company based in Bochum, Germany.

      1995. GEA Ecoflex created to focus on gasketed plate heat exchangers under the Ecoflex name. We continued to support the Ahlborn products, and even now supply parts for Ahlborn plate heat exchangers, a tribute to the quality and longevity of our work.

      1998. After supplying plate heat exchangers to our American customers for decades, we opened GEA Ecoflex North America, our first US sales office in Louisville, Kentucky.

      2005. GEA acquired FlatPlate Inc. (York, Pennsylvania) and WTT America (Bohemia, New York), manufacturers of premier brazed plate heat exchangers, enabling the company to become a one-stop-shop for plate heat exchangers.

      2007. We opened our new multi-million dollar US headquarters in York, Pennsylvania, a state-of-the-art facility for developing and manufacturing plate heat exchangers. This is where we make the cutting edge brazed and gasketed plate heat exchangers that ship all over the world.

      2008. GEA acquired ViEX, a Toronto-area manufacturer of fully-welded plate heat exchangers, completing our ability to supply any plate heat exchanger with a single phone call.

      2008. FlatPlate Inc, WTT America and Ecoflex North America combined into a single company, GEA PHE Systems North America. Together with GEA ViEX, we manufacture in North America the full range of brazed, gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers for the North American market.

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